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Fiach Croí Hearth (Raven’s Heart Hearth) is a Celtic spiritual group devoted to learning and practicing the Ancient Celtic Pagan traditions, while presenting Celtic Polytheism as a positive, life-affirming spiritual path. Our goal is to bring a spiritual and cultural practice in a group foundation based on the traditions of the Ancient Irish. We are open to any and all who have a desire to learn and honor the Pagan Celtic deities. You do not need to be of Irish or any Celtic heritage to join us. All are welcome.


   We are a seed group of The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids (OBOD) based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are also comprised of none druid members. We meet up biweekly to study the Irish (Gaelic) language, learn Ogham, book & mythology reviews, honor Irish Celtic gods, celebrate the traditional Celtic holidays and the overall workings of Celtic pagan spirituality. We also, further our study into Scottish, Welsh and Manx traditions as well to grasp the entire Celtic Culture as a whole.  

   We operate in comparison to a kindred or coven however, we do not hold any type of hierarchy. Everyone is free to come and go as they please. We have no membership fees or anything of the sort. Fiach Croí Hearth is about learning, honoring the pagan gods and celebrating  the Celtic traditions.

   Raven Heart Hearth is a registered non-profit religious organization with the state of Ohio. We hold charity events, food drives, and community driven support. Our grove also hosts public classes on various topics in the Celtic traditions  and culture as well as being a leading example for the community.



If you would like to join us and come learn and honor the Celtic deities or if you're just curious about us, feel free to reach out by email. We welcome all levels of experience from the humblest beginnings to the advanced scholar. It’s all about learning from each other. Raven Heart Hearth-

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